Sunday, January 11, 2009

Backyard Kayak Storage

This is the kayak rack I built in my backyard. I know it's just 4 posts in the ground and a couple of cross beams, but this is the first thing I've ever made in my life with wood and tools. I got some hand tools for Christmas; pretty standard, hammer, saw, level, tape measure, screwdrivers, etc. I got the wood at Home Depot (two 4x4x8' and two 2x4x8) for about $25.

Drilling into the 4x4's gave me a little trouble (density), but otherwise it went pretty smooth. So less than $30, and a couple of hours on a sunny afternoon, and now my boats are well off the ground. As an added bonus, the rack will double well as a work horse and surfboard ding-repair station in the future, and there's even enough room for another boat (like I've got the $ for that). All I need to do now is pad the beams with carpet or foam and I'm good. Cheers.

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