Friday, April 24, 2009

Critical Mass

An Old CM Flyer

I participated in my second Critical Mass ride tonight. For those who don't know, Critical Mass is an international bicycle awareness campaign with local rides in hundreds of cities around the states and the world. Rides occur on the last Friday of every month. There is no central leadership; riders gather at an established spot, start at the given time (usually about 6 pm), and monopolize one lane of the road. In Wilmington they meet at 6 under the clock tower at my alma mater, UNCW. Tonight we turned left out of the uni up to Oleander, Oleander to Wooster, Wooster to 5th to Market (at which point I break off since I live a few blocks from there). This is different than last time I rode it, but the idea is to ride down major thoroughfares on a Friday night in rush hour traffic for maximum effect. Most people smile and wave, some people stare, and every now and then I guess one or two drivers will get upset. Tonight there were no negative incidents. It's surreal to ride down College, Market, or Oleander in jammed traffic on a bike with 50 other people and feel totally comfortable. Dig around on the net or check out your local bike shop or ask cycling friends if there's one near you. It's a cool experience. Cheers.

In Good Company, photo by Garrett Grimsley

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