Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Living Planet

Aimee and I are making our way through The Living Planet, a 1984 precursor to the very excellent Planet Earth series, hosted by David Attenborough. Since $ is tight, we've been taking advantage of Aimee's employment at the local university (English teacher, mostly to idiots, occasionally to the reasonably intelligent) by checking out movies from the university library. We like documentary, and we like nature, so it was a natural (no pun intended) fit. The reason I'm posting it here is the "Margins of the Land" episode. If you paddle in the coastal plane, or are interested in the coastal evironment then you should check it out. It's a little dated, but very familiar. There's all kinds of good stuff about oystercatchers and miscelleaneous sandpipers, crabs, mollusks, pickleweed (glasswort), tube worms, anaerobic bacteria that expell hydrogen sulfide (that smelly low tide deal), and so on. We're about halfway through the series, and we've found it all pretty good, but this episode should be particularly interesting to people like us because the place they're expounding upon is our playground. The more you know the more interesting it gets! Cheers.

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