Thursday, May 7, 2009

...Tri, Tri Again

I've signed on for my second race, the Surf and Turf Super Sprint Triathlon in Surf City, NC. The race is next Saturday morning (May 16) and consists of a 750 meter ocean swim, a 4 mile bike, a 2 mile run, a 4 mile bike (again), and a final 1 mile run to finish. It's a strange format. It's pretty soon after White Lake, but I can't think of any good reason not to do it. My entry is comped by my employer, I already bought all the essentials that I needed for the first race and therefore have what I need for the second, and I get a T-shirt out of it. I rested on Monday and Tuesday of this week, and then started training again. Yesterday I ran to work (almost 4 miles) and today I rode the bike to the Y, joined and swam. I'm wearing about ten too many pounds of fat right now, so I'm going to up my cardio and burn that crap off.

I haven't posted my official results from White Lake yet because they've got my time off by 10 minutes. I've been assured by the organizers that it will be fixed, at which point I'll put it up.

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