Thursday, August 13, 2009


If you know me, or you've paid attention to the little hints, you know that I've been planning a move to Tallahassee, Florida, for some time. I'm following my girlfriend, Aimee, who starts a Ph.D. program in a couple of weeks at FSU.

So now I'm in N FL. I'm very sad to leave my friends and paddling partners and waterways of SE NC. But in the trade I get a whole new set of creeks, rivers, and open water (the Gulf this time) to explore. I hope that those of you who were kind enough to leave nice comments or check regularly will continue to do so, even though you don't stand to learn anything new about paddling in the Cape Fear region. Maybe you'll learn some of the same things I'll learn about paddling and biking here in the panhandle of Florida. So far it's pretty good, though I've been too busy unpacking and getting settled and starting a new job to hit the water yet. I've got a couple of trips planned though, and I'm stoked to meet people and find new water down here.

I know it might seem like a bit much, but Aimee and I decided that the easiest way to keep friends and family abreast of us is to make a new blog about the house and what we do with it. You can see it at

Here's a photo of our new hanging herb garden:

Parsley, Chives, Spearmint, and Basil

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  1. Yo Biz,

    It was good to hear from ya last nite. Looks like you guys are starting to feel at home. I checked out your new blog that you created but I can't sign up for the RSS feed. You might have to enable it. I use RSS feeds to keep up w/the blogs I like so I know when you've posted a new entry. Hook a Carolina boy up!